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Darline Singh

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Darline Singh is a California healthcare industry business entrepreneur. Singh is the proprietor and chief executive officer of a well-known and expanding hospice organization. As the sole owner, Singh controls the operations of a diversified staff that provides hundreds of patients with high-quality hospice care. Singh has expanded her company beyond California's borders since its inception; what began as Zola Hospice now operates in three states under a variety of brand names.

Zola Hospice represents the climax of Singh's career in the healthcare field, and she considers its establishment to be her greatest professional accomplishment. In its first sixty days of operation, the hospice delivered superior healthcare to nearly 200 patients. In its first five days of operation, the company acquired seven new agencies and expanded into three states. By the conclusion of the third quarter of 2023, the company anticipates extending into four additional states..

Singh, as a business owner, is extremely happy with Zola Hospice's success after overcoming the traditional obstacles faced by startups. In a world where so many companies fail instantly or within the first year, the success of a business is a significant accomplishment. Current data indicate that 90% of businesses, regardless of operational and financial preparation, fail during the first year of operation. Due to the embargo and severe new rules, hundreds of hospice agencies in California have closed their doors.

Compliance and meticulousness are the foundations of a successful career in the healthcare profession. From billing insurance companies to managing Medicare billing, a variety of financial requirements must be followed. Additionally, providing care for patients necessitates adherence to stringent standards. Singh is exceptionally attuned to the requirements of her patients and their families. In addition to providing high-quality care for a patient's medical needs, hospice care involves attending to his or her emotional needs. Singh seeks to make Zola Hospice an all-inclusive alternative for hospice care by coordinating programs that alleviate emotional stresses and serving as a link with agencies and organizations able to assist with managing other requirements.

Darline Singh, as CEO, is also acutely aware of the difficulties associated with attracting and retaining talented employees. She strives to make her company a place of employment that rewards high-performing employees and helps them advance to positions where they can contribute to enhancements in patient care, operational efficiency, and staff management. In the next two years, as her agency strives to expand into more California counties and U.S. states, these talents become even more crucial. Also essential is delegating tasks whenever possible, and a number of future recruits throughout her hospices will try to place high performers in charge of growth-driving activities.

Successful CEOs recognize that a strong start is merely a stepping stone to a prosperous future. Singh intends to expand Zola Hospice and enhance its efficiency in the future. Planning carefully to maximize efforts ensures that the business may scale to meet the demands of more patients and create additional opportunities for new and current staff. In the next months, Singh intends to integrate her healthcare agencies vertically, and by 2024, she aims to be 86% vertically oriented. Singh will continue to develop new efficiency plans at all sites, despite the fact that she does not feel vertical integration in certain areas is financially prudent.

As a company owner, Singh understands the value of being involved in her community and takes great pleasure in serving others. The elimination of childhood hunger is the focus of one of her favourite charitable organizations. Since its inception, Zola Hospice has served more than 18,000 meals to those in need throughout Los Angeles County.

Darline Singh is a passionate reader and book collector, and she adores being a mother to her four children when she is not working. She endeavours to spend as much time as possible with them while continuing to expand her business.